Funniest, Hottest, Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment

In this blog post, Matamat will share with you some of the Funniest, Hottest and Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment. We’ll show you how these Funniest moments can be great for a laugh or to get people talking about your brand online. These Hottest moments can help generate buzz around your company’s latest product release. And these Most Shocking moments can increase traffic to your website by keeping people hooked on what they’re reading!


The Funniest moment on the list is from a show called Family Guy which airs on Fox. The entire plot of this episode revolves around one word, “Cheese.” Watch as every scene includes some mention of cheese!

Milton Berle’s famous 1930s comedy routine where he sticks his hands down someone else’s trousers then says “gotcha!” and yanks them off has been recreated by Jim Carrey in Mr. Popper’s Penguins released at Christmas 2011. He even gets an Oscar nomination for it!

One Funniest moment that we found was when Jerry Seinfeld jokes about pancakes to Jay Leno during a TV interview; describing how they are so good, when you bite into one it “makes your whole day better.”


The Hottest moment on the list is from a show called Vampire Diaries which airs on The CW. In this scene, Elena has just woken up to find her sister’s boyfriend in bed with them both! Watch as she takes him down and teaches him not to mess around with family

A Hottest Moment came when Kevin Hart was given an opportunity to do what he does best to make people laugh. He took advantage of that chance by doing some stand-up comedy during halftime at the Super Bowl XLVII game between Ravens vs. 49ers. This Funniest moment will be talked about for years because it made everyone feel good about themselves and helped cheer up a nation that was going through tough times.

One Hottest moment that we found is from a show called The Walking Dead which airs on AMC. There are some funniest moments in this scene, but the most shocking part of it all is when Rick Grimes and company hear walkers approaching their cabin!

Most Shocking:

The Most Shocking Moment on the list would have to be addressed as “the dress,” an article of clothing made by Roman Originals for its Spring 2015 collection. People couldn’t figure out if it was black and blue or gold and white  even after looking at pictures!

One Shocking Moment is when the Simpsons came out with an episode that was a parody of American Idol. One Funniest moment in this scene comes from Homer’s audition for his performance called “I Am So Stinky;” he ends up grabbing Marge by the neck to keep her still so he can sing into her mouth!

Another Funniest and Most Shocking Moment on our list includes Kramer who unexpectedly crashes Jerry’s party, which is also attended by George Costanza. Watch as they discuss their love lives

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