11 Ways to Look and Feel Better: Every Girl’s Guide

Women often worry about how they look, and as a result, many of us are unhappy with our appearance.

This can be especially true for women who have acne or other skin problems. Acne is difficult to cover up and it’s hard to feel confident when you’re not in the clear.

In this health and wellness blog post, we’ll explore 11 ways that will help you look your best!

Dress for your body shape:

If you’re pear shaped, wear clothes that are dark on the bottom and light on top. You’ll draw attention to your waistline which will make it appear smaller. If you have a rounder tummy, try wearing high waisted skirts or shorts so they don’t hang too low.

For women with larger hips, choose dresses that hit around the widest part of your thighs; this will help balance out the proportions in both areas by drawing more focus to them than other parts of your legs.

Wear makeup:

Don’t be afraid of makeup! It can really improve how much self confidence you feel about yourself because it makes everything look brighter and better when applied correctly.

When choosing what products to use, try matching your foundation (liquid or powder) and concealer with the tone of your skin.


When you’re getting ready in the morning, make sure that you take care of yourself first by washing up and moisturizing so that you can start feeling good about how you look without neglecting other important tasks. Treat mornings as a time for self renewal!

Get regular haircuts:

Getting a haircut might not seem like it would help much but trust me it will! If hair is long enough to be put into a ponytail, just cut off an inch at the tips each week until there’s nothing left.

That way when people see pictures from months ago they won’t notice any difference in the length.

Wear darker colors:

Darker clothes will make you look thinner and taller because they’re more opaque than lighter colors which means that there’s less emphasis on any bulges or curves in your body.

If you want to bring out your waistline, wear a shirt with buttons up the front; this type of top can be slimming if it hugs closely around the stomach area but isn’t tight enough to constrict breathing (in other words, buy one in stretchy material).

Don’t put too much focus on weight loss:

Weight loss is often seen as an indicator for how we feel about ourselves and our success in life so when we don’t lose weight, it might seem like all hope is lost.

But really, we should be focusing on how well and happy we are with our lives instead of what the scale says!

Have a good hair day:

Not only will it help your self esteem to have healthy and shiny hair but it’ll also make you feel better about yourself when others compliment you on how great you look.

You can either cut off split ends or take care of them with essential oils like argan oil. Just remember to put in plenty of time for conditioning every week so that your locks don’t become brittle over time (this is especially important if you use heating tools).

Get eight hours sleep each night:

This is one rule that might not apply to everyone; some people need less than six hours of sleep each night while others need more.

But, as a general rule of thumb, eight hours is the average amount most people should get to feel at their best and have energy throughout the day without feeling tired or sluggish.

Brush your teeth:

It might seem like an unnecessary step but it’s one that can really make you feel good about yourself because nobody likes bad breath!

You could also whiten your teeth with essential oils for a few days per week if they’re not too sensitive (apple cider vinegar works well).

Be sure to spit before brushing so that you don’t ingest chemicals from all those toothpaste brands out there; saliva doesn’t contain any toxic substances which means it won’t adversely affect how long our mouths are healthy!

Get natural light:

Natural lighting in the morning can make you feel better about how you look; it’s a lot easier to handle any flaws once you’re feeling confident.

You don’t have to walk outside every day, but try sitting near windows or lamps that emit bright white lights for as long as possible each day your mood will improve and so might your complexion!

Wear mascara: 

Mascara is an easy way of adding volume and length to lashes without having to wear false eyelashes which are another option if they won’t irritate sensitive eyes (but be sure not to put them on too early!).

If applying both top and bottom layers seems like a hassle then just apply one coat of clear makeup adhesive first before brushing on mascara for that fake-lash look.

There are many ways to look and feel better. The 11 tips we’ve shared in this blog post will hopefully help you find the best way for you! We hope these posts have inspired a few new habits for the coming days!