People Love to Read Opinion Blogs

Did you know that 71% of people prefer reading opinion blogs to textbooks? That’s not surprising. Opinion blogs are a great way of finding out the latest trends in pop culture, politics, or what have you. They can be more engaging than traditional news articles because they stir up feelings in the reader. Plus, people like getting their voices heard and it’s easier to do here than on Facebook!

In our post today we’re going to explore why people love reading opinion blogs so much.

1. They have a point of view

Your opinion blogs are going to stand out because they’ll have an opinion to them. There’s just something about the written word that stirs up emotions and allows people to get engaged with what you’re saying. It’s not like your blog is just some neutral news article that doesn’t really stir up any feelings in them. People want to hear what others have to say, especially when they find it interesting. Blogs that bring up topics that aren’t usually talked about or ones that challenge the reader to think a different way definitely stand out more than a boring old news article.

2. They’re interesting to read

Opinion blogs are a great way for you to express what you think about something and tell people what’s on your mind. You can go into detail and really tell readers exactly what you think. That’s going to be more interesting than just presenting them with neutral news facts that they’re probably already aware of because they’re not emotionless stats. Blogs will get people thinking, and if they’re interested in the topic, they’ll probably be coming back for more.

3. You can go in depth

Opinion blogs are a great place for you to discuss topics in depth. You can talk about every aspect of a topic; it doesn’t have to be just one thing or another. You don’t have to keep it short and sweet here, because people are going to read what you’ve got to say anyways, so why not write the whole thing? It’s just like a regular blog except your opinion is what makes it special!

4. They’re interactive

Opinion blogs are interactive in nature because they allow readers to make their voices heard as well. Readers can comment on your posts and share their thoughts with everyone else who’s reading the post. People love getting their voices heard. They also like being able to share their opinions with others, especially when they know that other people are going to read and consider what they’re saying. Letting your readers comment on your posts is another interactive component that will let your blog stand out and get more attention.

5. They don’t care about things like grammar or punctuation

You can be as sloppy or as precise as you want to be when you’re writing an opinion blog. People are going to read it anyway, so what’s the difference? You can write whatever you want in terms of grammar and punctuation, and people are going to still read it. They’re not going to pay as much attention to it as they would if you wrote something that was too perfect. Plus, most of your readers won’t care about that stuff anyway; they’ll just be reading for the information.