Advergames: Fun and Engaging Marketing Techniques

Advergames are a fun and engaging way to market your product or service. Advergames come in all shapes and sizes, from simple games with just a few levels to complex RPGs (role-playing games) with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Advergames can be used by anyone looking for an entertaining marketing technique without the high costs associated with many other forms of advertising. In this article, we take a look at a fun blog to read what advergaming is, how it works, some examples and more!

Advergaming: What is it?

Advergames are video games that advertise a product or service. Advertisers can use them as an interactive way to market their products and services, often without the high costs associated with other advertising methods

How does advergaming work?

Advertainment (adverts + entertainment) refers to using entertainment such as television programs, online videos etc., for marketing purposes. Advershops (the combination of advertisements and shops) also refer to this type of technique where stores employ people who have been trained in acting like sales assistants named ‘Advo’nairs’. The idea behind these two techniques is similar; they both try to make consumers feel entertained while making their brand known. One of the most popular Advergames is McDonald’s “The Sims”. This Advergame was a clever way to market their product without heavily relying on other advertising

So what makes them so successful?

The success in these games comes from how they mix entertainment with marketing. For example, Disney used this technique for its app Where’s my water?, which has been downloaded over 100 million times as well as being one of the top ten highest grossing apps on iTunes. Similarly, Mcdonalds’ Advergame The Sims was designed to promote their Happy Meal and has been downloaded by over 100 thousand people.

Advergames are an engaging marketing technique that can appeal to many different people. Advergames offer interactive, high-quality content from a trusted brand in the form of a game! Advergaming is beneficial because it provides consumers with entertainment and education while also remaining loyal to the brand’s message. They entice customers by providing fun games that teach something like how to make healthy food choices or be more environmentally conscious!

Adversites provide companies with opportunities for increased customer interaction through social media integration so they have another avenue for engagement outside of email lists and websites.

The benefits don’t stop there: 

Advertsing on your website has become expensive, but adverts within an advert game won’t eat up precious budget dollars. This article will explore different marketing techniques that advergames can offer your business.

Advergames are marketing techniques that involve the use of video games to advertise products and brands. Advergaming is a form of entertainment which integrates advertising messages or offers into an interactive game, usually in order to achieve particular promotional objectives (e.g., branding).


Advertisers attempt to create adverts that entertain viewers as well as persuading them. In this way they may blur the distinction between commercial breaks and programs themselves.

Interactive Marketing Strategies:

Marketers can also integrate these new technologies by using interactive marketing strategies such as creating their own websites, mobile phone applications or even virtual worlds where customers can interact with products before purchasing them.