Get in on the game with these top-rated websites

We want to help you find a site that is right for your needs so that you can get in on the game and have some fun.

In this blog post, we will share with you the top rated websites for playing games. While also answering questions like where to guest post.

These sites are rated from best to worst for different gaming categories, as well as overall ratings. 

You’ll be able to find everything from free multiplayer online games to single player RPGs!

Top Site for Multiplayer Online Games:

Kongregate has a wide variety of web games that are available as browser-based flash or HTML games, and is known for hosting free online versions of popular commercial titles such as Bejeweled Blitz, Feeding Frenzy and Zuma Deluxe.

With millions of registered users from around the world playing each month, Kongregate offers players an opportunity to try new games before they buy them on other sites like Steam or EA’s Origin store.

Users spend time in their favorite game by competing against others worldwide with leaderboards, earning achievements along the way while exploring various worlds filled with adventures. When it comes to multiplayer gaming there really isn’t a better place to be.

Top Site for Single Player RPGs:


RPG Fan features a database of reviews, previews and articles related to the genre with over 100,000 user submitted ratings on various titles in addition to hosting their own forums so gamers can discuss all things from old school classics like Final Fantasy III or VII up through new releases such as Ni No Kuni II (Kingdom Hearts creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest project).

You’ll also find plenty of content pertaining specifically to handhelds such as Nintendo DS and PSP. It is especially good at reviewing imported games that are not localized outside Japan. If you’re looking for single player role playing games this is one of your best bets!

Best Overall Ratings:

IGN is a leading entertainment media outlet focused on games, movies and TV with more than 100 million unique users per month who want to stay connected with the latest happenings in these fields.

The site has reviews of just about every game that comes out for consoles (Playstation, Xbox) as well as PC gaming which makes it one of your best options if you’re looking for unbiased opinions when deciding what new title may be right for you or someone else’s holiday gift list.

It also provides articles related to specific titles so gamers can learn more about their favorite franchises before picking up something like Star Wars Battlefront II or Mario Kart 64!

This site offers player forums where people from around the world come together to talk about their favorite games, and is a good place to discuss gameplay with other players who might have had the same experience as you. The site also features game news from various sources in addition to reviews of new releases.

We hope you’ll find this article helpful in navigating the world of video games. For more information on how to improve your gaming experience, or if you need game related digital marketing services for your own website, check us out today.