Retro Games – in the News and on Your Screen

Retro Games are making a major comeback. Retro games, which were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, have been popping up everywhere lately. Retro games are not just for gamers anymore they’re becoming more mainstream as they appear on TV shows like Stranger Things and Netflix’s Black Mirror Bandersnatch

These are not your modern day video game consoles or even computer games. Retro games date back to an era when Atari was king of the gaming world, before Nintendo took over with Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Halo you get the point! Retro gaming is experiencing a resurgence as people who grew up playing these old school classics purchase them for their children and introduce them to this simpler time where there were more than two colors on screen at one time.

In this retro gaming blog post we’ll explore the history of Retro Games as well as why some people think Retro games should stay where they were popularized at home! We’ll also look into how Retro games have changed with technology over time and what that means for players today.

Interesting facts

Some other interesting facts about Retro games include the fact that many modern retro game designers will remake old video games by updating graphics to make them playable on new platforms. Some say this is an act against copyright laws but others argue it’s preserving gaming history so future generations may play these classic titles once again.

Discovering Retro Games as an Adult

The Nintendo Entertainment System has been a household name since its inception back in 1985, when it was released to the public for $199.99 dollars (or about $436 today). This gaming system changed our lives forever with iconic characters such as Mario and Luigi, not to mention countless others that introduced us to new worlds like Metroid or Zelda. It didn’t take long before we got hooked just one year after release, NES sales exceeded well over 20 million units! Nowadays with newer consoles dominating the market, Retro games are more popular than ever because they’re less expensive and come packed full of nostalgia that can’t be found in today’s games.

Do you have Retro games in your house? What are some of the Retro games that were popular during your childhood and why do you think they’re so nostalgic to people today?

Retro gaming has become more mainstream in recent years, appearing on popular television series such as the British soap opera Coronation Street and America’s reality singing competition The Voice Retro video games had a major comeback in recent years with many new Retro game titles being released for PC, mobile devices, as well as home consoles like Sony’s PlayStation Classic.

A major reason Retro games are so popular is that they’re less expensive. With retro gaming making such a big comeback it begs the question how long before we see them on our big screens too!