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In what might be a sign of better times, the president of Turkey has removed his Twitter account, after it was discovered that he had been tweeting under an anonymous handle to voice his opinions anonymously. The president’s account has not been deleted, but he announced that he would no longer be using it. Turkey is still set on diplomatic tensions with Iran , and Russia continues to claim that they are responsible for “curing” Ebola. In other news, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes in Lebanon as a result of flooding caused by heavy rainfall in the country.

Former Swiss private detective and whistleblower Rudolf Elmer was sentenced to 4 years in a Swiss prison for violating the identity theft law. He will serve his sentence until 2023. 

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has been awarded the Order of Peking, a 2nd class honor bestowed upon him by China’s National People’s Congress.

The British government has confirmed that they will begin to leave portions of the European Union , months after Britain voted to leave the European Union . The U.S. is still experiencing a mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut , and Pakistan is still continuing their nightly raids on suspected terrorists in Shamsi, Karachi .

The Governor of the Bank of England has been questioned about his knowledge of a debt crisis that may be occurring in Italy . The European Central Bank is set to announce its decision on interest rates, and whether they will continue to hold at their current levels. There has been a continuation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa , and an outbreak in Ivory Coast . 

The largest coal plant in Texas has been shut down after being threatened by over 5,000 inmates. The World Bank awarded $100,000 to a Chinese citizen who invented a new type of medical implant that allows patients to suffer less from chronic pain. In other news, a woman has been appointed to the position of communication director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

There has been a drought in Syria that has allowed for the complete destruction of the political situation in the country. In other news, a man who was once on a no-fly list is now suing the U.S. government for $10 million because he claims that he was put on the list because he is Muslim. 

The number of deaths caused by Hurricane Matthew has risen to over 1,000, and at least 300 people are still missing.

The city of Hebron in Palestine , and the Dead Sea have been suffering from an outbreak of E Coli infections resulting from chlorinated swimming pools that have resulted in at least 20 fatalities so far. 

There are still thousands of migrants who have been stuck in a squatters camp since the year 2015. Switzerland has denied Palestinian activists from entering the country and a school in Leicester, England has caused controversy after it was discovered that they had banned all religious clothing from being worn by Muslim students. 

It has been reported that dead fish are washing up on beaches along Vietnam’s central coast, although the cause of their deaths is not known at this point. In other news, China revealed that they began to build their first overseas naval base which will be located in the East African nation of Djibouti .