You’ll Never Want to Throw a Dull Party Again: Top 10 Ideas for Fun and Exciting Speakeasy Parties

The speakeasy party has been popular for a while now, and it’s not hard to see why. You can have a lot of fun throwing an event like this, and your guests will always remember the time they had at your speakeasy party. You’ll want to make sure you follow these ten steps in order to have the best possible time hosting your own speakeasy party:

  • Find out what the theme is
  • Choose music that matches the theme
  • Decorate with appropriate colors
  • Pick drinks based on customer preference
  • Send invitations 24 hours before the event starts
  • Create a guest list so you know who is coming beforehand
  • Purchase the right alcohol

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When You Should Host Your Party:

You’ll want to pick one of these four themes for your party, and then follow it up with drinks that match those preferences: The Jazz Age, Prohibition Era Speakeasy, Twenties Flapper or an All Black Tie Affair. It’s also important to remember what time period this type of speakeasy party takes place in (usually 1920s – 1940s) and decorate accordingly. You’ll need the appropriate color scheme mixed with music from that era as well! If you’re more into Halloween parties than regular parties, you might want to do a Haunted Speakeasy instead. You can still decorate with the colors of black and reds like other Halloween parties but have more spooky drinks on hand!

What You’ll Need:

You’ll need to find out what the theme of your event is and then start decorating with colors that match. You can also pick a perfect drink for each party you throw, so make sure you know which types of alcohol are best before purchasing them! You should invite people 24 hours in advance as well or even earlier if it’s close enough to Christmas Eve (or New Year’s Eve) because they might get lost on their way over and be late.

For an old timey feeling, go back in time and serve up moonshine mixed drinks (or any other Prohibition-era alcohol).

Have guests dress up as 20s flappers or gangsters.

Put out silverware wrapped completely in linen napkins and set tables like they would be during that era. You can even find vintage dishes from this period at thrift stores for decorations too. Invite people over by placing a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean.

Draw attention to your lips

You might even want to go as far as inviting them through speakeasy style doors; just have someone knock on the door, which would be revealed as a normal-looking wall. You can also use this opportunity to give them instructions for their arrival (i.e., wear an armband that says ‘Speakeasy Guest’, etc.)

You should also take advantage of this era’s more risqué attire: women could opt for understated makeup while drawing attention to your lips with red lipstick contrasting nicely against your skin tone or any other lip color you prefer!